Drummer, musician, optimist, enjoyer of life!

Born 1984 in Skärvången, a tiny town of 60 people in the northern part of Sweden.

At the age of 12 (1997) I started playing drums, which completely changed my life.
In my early years I did a lot of gigs and recordings with various bands and projects in Sweden. In 2009 I decided to take music to the next level, so I moved to Los Angeles to attend PIT at the world´s famous Musicians Institute (music college in Hollywood) – best decision I’ve ever made!
I got to study with the best teachers in the industry for 1,5 years. Learned a ton about different styles, technique, reading and sound. You can call it preparation to become a professional musician. I graduated in September 2010 with top grades.
During my time at Musicians Institute I also formed a band, Polarization which got picked up by a recordlabel (Mediskare records) got to tour all over US, absolutely amazing experience!

After my time at Musicians Institute I attended a programming/webdesign program at UCLA for 15 months. I finished strong with two more degrees and a little more knowledge under my belt. Before I moved home to Sweden in November 2012 I was working as a touring musician and doing freelance sessionwork and webdesign work.

2013 – 2015 I was working as a full time musician in Sweden, playing close to 100 shows per year. Mostly in the style of top 40 rock/pop/blues/country.

2015 – 2019 I played with the AC/DC tribute band SA/DA/SA in Sweden.

Music has always been a big part of my life and the journey has been great! Lots of traveling, friendships etc. And it’s been everything from marching band, jazz bigband, tribute bands to Top 40s and deathmetal.


UCLA – Certificate degree in Applications Programming + Certificate degree in Web Technology
(Sept 2010 – Dec 2011.)
Musicians Institute (Drums) – Associate of Arts degree
(April 2009 – Sept 2010.)
Palmcrantz gymnasium (Sweden) – Music Program
(Aug 2000 – June 2003.)

Fields of study at UCLA
Html, CSS, Javascript & Jquery, AJAX, PHP and MySQL, Dreamweaver, Eclipse, Photoshop, Android app development, iPhone app development, Visual Basic, C, C#,, Java, SQL, SEO, E-Commerce, WordPress, Database Warehouse Designing and IT Management.

Fields of study at Musicians Institute
Rock, pop, metal, jazz, blues, latin, reggae, funk, RnB, fusion, odd meter, reading, handtechnique, sound, ensemble, independence and cordination, music minus one, digital drumming, keyboard etc etc.
Studied with teachers like:
David Salinas, Glen Sobel, Andy Megna, Rob Carson, Chuck Silverman, Jeff Bowders, Tim Mcintyre, Gary Hess, Scott Wittenberg, Daren Pfeifer, Stewart Jean

Proud endorser of Soultone Cymbals.
Since 2010 I’ve been a part of the Soultone Cymbal family, they seriously make the best and most affordable sounding cymbals I’ve ever tried! Check out the Video section below to view some promo videos I have recorded in their head quarters in Encino, California.